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The Case for Gold as a Strategic Allocation

While gold has traditionally been seen as a tactical way to help preserve wealth during market corrections, times of geopolitical stress or persistent dollar weakness, we think there is a case to be made for gold as a core diversifying asset with a long-term strategic role in multi-asset portfolios.

30 Apr 2018
Thought Leadership
APAC-Listed ETF Flash Flows — Weekly as of 04 May 2018PDF

View this week's APAC-listed ETF flows.

09 May 2018
Market Commentary
Earnings and Credit Signals Bode Well for Equities

Looking at first-quarter earnings reported so far, and where we are in the credit cycle, we still favor growth assets based on relatively healthy fundamental underpinnings.

23 Apr 2018
Market Commentary
GICSŪ Sector Structure Changes: What Do They Mean for Investors?PDF

On September 21, 2018, the Telecommunication Services sector will be expanded to include companies from the Consumer Discretionary and Information Technology sectors and renamed Communication Services.

17 Apr 2018
Market Commentary
What the Sound and Fury of Trade Rhetoric Signifies for Investors

Tariff announcements from the US and retaliations from China have splashed across the headlines all week.

09 Apr 2018
Market Commentary
Funding Shifts, Not Credit Event, Led to LIBOR Spread Widening

LIBOR spread widening had investors scratching their heads, as short-term lending costs have risen to levels not seen since the financial crisis.

05 Apr 2018
Market Commentary
China Debt Inclusion in Global Agg Extends Historic Opening of Markets

Adding Chinese government debt to the global bond benchmark of choice is a historic move, both for investors looking for attractive yields and low correlations to other bond markets as well as Chinese leaders looking to carefully open their markets to foreign investors.

04 Apr 2018
Market Commentary
New Ways to Value the Technology Sector

Following the revelations about data breaches at tech giant Facebook, which wiped $37bn off its market value in one day, have we reached a turning point for the technology sector in terms of valuations?

23 Mar 2018
Market Commentary
Fed Sees 3 Hikes in 2018, 4 Hikes in 2019

The FOMC raised the target rate as expected, but with a more dovish statement reflecting a sluggish Q1 and a more hawkish projection of 2019 and 2020 hikes.

22 Mar 2018
Investment Outlook
US-China Trade Dispute: This Time It's Different

By imposing tariffs on aluminium and steel imports, the United States fired its opening salvo in the battle to rebalance trade relations with China.

22 Mar 2018
Market Commentary
2018 Global Market OutlookPDF

Our 2018 Market Outlook outlines three strategies to consider as you position your portfolios for the year ahead.

08 Dec 2017
Investment Outlook
Weekly Gold Market Update 04 Dec 2017PDF

This Week's Highlights: Gold trims early week losses in after-hours trading on news of Flynn plea deal.

07 Dec 2017
Market Commentary
MSCI Gives 'A' Shares Green LightPDF

MSCI made the official announcement that the 'A' share class will indeed be added to the MSCI Emerging Markets Standard Index in 2018.

31 Oct 2017
Market Commentary
China's Economy Now Drives Global Growth PDF

Investors don't know it yet, but China has officially become the world's most influential country for the global economy and capital markets.

04 Oct 2017
Market Commentary
How Far Will China Go? PDF

China's capital account opening and RMB internationalisation has paused. Sceptics argue that the process has peaked due to risk of capital outflows as well as the Chinese government's reluctance to cede more control to market forces.

26 Sep 2017
Thought Leadership
Asian Economic and Bond Market Outlook - Q3 2017PDF

Rebound in demand for Asian exports and the non-realisation of protectionist trade policy year-to-date from the new US President have enabled Asian economies to register robust growth numbers so far.

11 Aug 2017
Investment Outlooks
SPDR Smart Beta Dashboard - August 2017PDF

Momentum factor generally performs well when trends persist, and the past seven months have been characterised by a consistent narrative of synchronised global economic growth.

11 Aug 2017
Market Commentary
SPDR Smart Beta Dashboard - July 2017PDF

The broadly favourable backdrop has supported equities over the past six months and driven cyclical strategies, such as Momentum, versus defensive strategies, such as Minimum Volatility.

17 Jul 2017
Market Commentary
Sector Flows Snapshot - June 2017PDF

Market leadership continued to evolve last month, with defensives gaining a firmer footing amidst heightened volatility.

04 Jul 2017
Market Commentary
Debunking 5 Common Gold Misconceptions PDF

Gold is again attracting investor interest in 2017. This interest isn't surprising - investors tend to flock to gold when uncertainty is heightened and when equity returns may be overstretched.

30 Apr 2017
Thought Leadership
What to Consider When Implementing Gold in a Portfolio PDF

Investment demand highlights the potential for portfolio risk mitigation that gold can provide in an environment of global negative interest rates as well as uncertainty around global monetary policy.

31 Mar 2017
Thought Leadership
2017 Mid-Year Investment Outlook PDF

Global markets continue to spin on an axis of complexity, propelled by shifts in political dynamics and macro events. Meanwhile, equities bounce around all-time highs and volatility hovers close to record lows.

30 Jun 2017
Investment Outlooks

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